Shubika – Our Founder & Host

Shubika Jacob is of Indian origin, she moved to Dubai in the year 2011 and has been here since then. We are proud to have her as our dynamic host with immense passion for communicating with people. Anyone who knows her will agree that she is confident and expresses herself without restraint. 

Shubika has extensive experience in corporate training and can easily communicate with people by making them comfortable and at ease while in front of the camera.

Shubika is skilled in keeping her audience engaged and has some unique perspectives which is an added advantage. Besides experience in corporate training, Shubika also has knowledge and experience organizing events. She also previously owned and managed a firm that was into Event management and E-commerce.

To sum it up, Shubika is talented, uninhibited, genuine & completely in tune with her audience. We are stoked that she is the host and wouldn’t have it any other way.